small pharmacies are struggling to organize antigen screening

The arrival of antigenic tests in pharmacies has aroused widespread enthusiasm. If the demand is there, not all pharmacies can afford to perform these coronavirus screenings. Indeed, the implementation of these tests requires resources, human and financial, that only large pharmacies can afford. Guillaume Baudet, pharmacist in Quimper and secretary of the CPTS (territorial professional health community) of the Cornouaille region, fingertips inconsistencies in setting up antigen tests in small pharmacies. “To do these tests, you need specific premises. It is contradictory to bring in fragile people who come to be vaccinated against the flu and at the same time people who potentially have the Covid, to screen them.”

The reliability of these tests is questioned

The PCR screening method remains the most reliable. “The problem with antigen testing is sensitivity. If you are given a negative result there is a chance that it will be false negatives. But this criterion varies between tests. That is what it is used for on people who are not suspected of having the Covid “, explains Guillaume Baudet. For now, only PCR tests are used on contact cases, but this could vary in the coming days.

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