Small series Cyan P1800 as a Volvo homage

Dhe P1800 is one of the legendary Volvo models. Built from 1961 to 1973, including the first two years at Jensen in England, the coupé designed by designer Pelle Peterson is an integral part of Volvo’s DNA.

As a homage to the 1800 Coupé, Cyan is now releasing a small series that adheres fairly strictly to the old shapes, but under the sheet metal – the body is of course made of carbon – offers new technology. Cyan is a Swedish company that emerged from Polestar, it primarily takes care of the racing activities of the Chinese Geely group, the owner of Volvo. The first customer vehicle was delivered these days, the price per vehicle is around $ 500,000 or more. That is a matter of negotiation.

In Sweden, in Gothenburg, it is largely handcrafted, and more than ten vehicles per year are hardly possible, says press spokesman Johan Meissner. The engine is a tuned 2.0-liter Volvo engine with 420 hp and a maximum torque of 455 Newton meters. The machine can handle speeds of up to 7700 revolutions per minute. Shifting is done by hand, a five-speed gearbox transfers the power to the rear wheels as in the historical model. There is hardly any electronics, no ABS and no airbags, but a roll bar made of titanium. Otherwise the interior is also based on the historical model, the analog round instruments shimmer in blue.

The rear also shows the classic lines of the Volvo P 1800.

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Cyan P1800

Classic comeback

With a weight of only around 900 kilograms, exorbitant performance can be expected. The chassis is designed accordingly. Although the Cyan looks like a Volvo P1800 at first glance, the body is not the same, the replica is stockier, it also has a wider track. The fuel filler cap on the trunk is perhaps a touch too thick. The vehicle length is 4.20 meters. Cyan is marketing the project, with such vehicles being referred to as Restomods, entirely on their own and completely independent of Volvo.


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