Smart Home: Clever helpers are in demand

Scenes and scenarios: Programming on the smartphone is crucial, for example to indicate the open window when you leave the house.
Image: manufacturer

Windows with sensors, doorbell with video: the well-equipped smart home is reaching its limits. Then clever helpers are required.

Whe transformed his house or apartment into a smart home in the times of Corona, may now be ready to try out advanced functions. How do you program your smart house? For example, we took a look at Apple’s Homekit ecosystem and wanted to know how automated processes can be set up. As always, the problem lies in the details, and some goals can only be achieved with a lot of time and effort.

Apple’s homekit has become significantly more powerful in recent years. Initially, the iPhone or iPad communicated directly with sensors or actuators via Bluetooth. Problems immediately occurred outside the Bluetooth range. The unsatisfactory situation was mitigated by the introduction of the control center. It is an Apple device that remains switched on in the house and is connected to the WiFi. A control center can be an Apple TV, a Homepod speaker or an iPad. Setup is automatic; the home app on the iPhone or iPad shows which control centers are active.


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