Smart TV Samsung QLED in reduced offer 239 euros and with free shipping

The model that you can get from home is the Samsung 55Q90R, an excellent possibility, since it has a large number of technologies that are perfectly reflected in a large QLED screen that is completely differential (since, among other things, it allows exceptional brightness). Some of the good options offered by this TV are that it has a panel called Quantum Dot that reproduces 100% of the color volume (so HDR support is not exactly an issue) and also uses FreeSync to reduce latency, making games more enjoyable.

Something that is very remarkable about this Samsung QLED Smart TV on offer is that it has excellent connectivity, one of the best on the market. So, for example, it includes nothing less than four HDMI ports and three USB, both compatible with version 2.0. Besides, and this is important, it does not lack Ethernet; headphone jack; And, of course, it also has digital optical audio output. And, all this, is rounded off with the existence of WiFi and Bluetooth. By the way, that the compatibility of this model with voice assistants, like for example Alexa, it is complete.

Does this TV sound good? Well the truth is that yes

This is something that differentiates it from some of its competition, since the model that is on offer at the moment has inside a system 4.2 that allows to achieve a high quality surround effect with a total power of 60 W. Therefore, it is one of the options that prevents you from having to resort to a sound bar to achieve a home theater effect. It is important to comment in this section that the television has compatibility with technologies such as Dolby Digital Plus and that it always uses Artificial Intelligence to achieve the best possible configuration.

side of the Samsung 55Q90R smart TV

Do not miss this Samsung QLED Smart TV on sale

We believe that this is a great purchase choice, since at this time it is possible to take advantage of a discount on eBay that reaches the 15%, so the specific amount you save for this high quality QLED TV it is 239.85 euros. And, in addition, without having to pay anything for shipping, since the existing promotion allows it (this, yes, for a limited time). We leave the link that you have to use to get the device we are talking about, which has the following dimensions: 1231,2 mm x 796,7 mm x 253,3 milímetros with base.

You should not fail to know that the operating system included in this model is Tizen, which is one of the best on the market and with which you will have access to all the streaming platforms that exist today and even games. Without a doubt, an excellent purchase option with which to enjoy movies and games to another level.

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