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Robotics explorer lands Perseverance on the surface of the Planet Mars, hundreds of millions of kilometers away from Earth, is definitely an extraordinary feat. even so NASA Having done it several times, this video shows the US space agency’s technology is indeed stunning.

NASA has just released a video of the Perseverance landing seconds recorded by the spacecraft’s camera. Once it entered NASA’s atmosphere, it seemed that parachutes were developed to slow down.

After the parachute is released, a sky crane, or a sophisticated air crane powered by a rocket, lowers the Persistence with the cable. Derek recorded a video, as well as Perseverance showing the surface of Mars, dust scattering along with the landing.

This is the first time a detailed video of a spacecraft landing on another planet has been recorded. Mike Watkins, director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), said the video proved the sophistication of NASA technology.

“We take everyone with us on a journey across the Solar System, through Saturn’s rings, see Earth from outer space and have amazing panoramas of the surface. Mars. “This is the first time we’ve actually been able to record a Mars landing event,” he said.

“We will learn something by looking at the vehicle’s performance on the video. But this is also to keep you together on this journey, “he said. detikINET from the BBC, Tuesday (23/2/2021).

All cameras on Persevrance vehicles are activated to record everything that happens. Already a lot of photo and video data has been obtained, although only a few have been opened to the public.

“We have collected more than 30 gigabytes of information and more than 23 thousand images of the device when it landed on the surface of Mars,” said Dave Gruel, who handles Perseverance camera systems.

Diligence, on a mission of at least 2 years, will collect data and look for signs of ancient life in the Jezero Crater crater, which was a lake 3.9 billion years ago. NASA says the landings are still ongoing Mars almost perfect.

Watching video “NASA’s Advanced Robot Sound Recording of Planet Mars
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