smooth start of the appointments for the third dose in Limousin

Nothing to do with the start of the year, when the first vaccination windows were opened. Since Monday, people over 65 and French people with serious health problems can make an appointment for a third dose of vaccine against the Covid.

For the moment everything happens in peace, notes Doctor Jean-Christophe Nogrette in Feytiat, also president of the MG France union in Haute-Vienne: “Patients have been talking about it for a long time, since news has been circulating about it for several weeks. And, they have understood that you have to have 6 months apart with the first two injections, so no one is rushing for the moment. vaccinated the bulk of the troops during April and May, so the vaccination of the third dose should be in full swing instead in October.

The scenario of spring should not repeat itself, continues the doctor because the general practitioners now receive the doses regularly and they have already started to contact their most fragile patients.

For those who wish to go through the internet, several niches are open on the platforms. It fills up slowly, there is no big rush for the moment also confirms the director of health at the town hall of Limoges. As proof, the Jean-Moulin center managed by the city still offers this Monday evening a lot of appointments for Friday.

Most, not all centers are open to this third dose yet. For example, you have to wait until September 3 in Brive or Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche.

Today, Dr Jean-Christophe Nogrette’s fear is the repercussions of the discourse of “antivax” : “People who are the most fragile have understood that it is in their interest to protect themselves. But it concerns everyone over 65 and in this age group, there are many who are in great shape and who can be confused by all the nonsense you hear about these vaccines. I’m not at all sure they’ll all stick to a third dose. “

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