SNCB: disturbances throughout the country after the attack on a guide

SNCB workers are crossing their arms on Monday. This movement mainly concerns the region of Liège, but it has an impact on the circulation of trains throughout the country.

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LRail traffic will remain disrupted on Monday following an emotional reaction by SNCB workers after the assault on Sunday morning of a companion, announced a spokeswoman for the public carrier early in the morning.

Disruptions are expected with canceled or partially canceled trains. SNCB is setting up replacement buses and the TEC bus network in Liège is also opening up its services to SNCB transport tickets.

Although the movement is mainly followed in the Liège region, at the Liège and Welkenraedt depots, it has an impact on rail traffic across the country, explains the spokesperson. “The mobilization takes place in Liège, but the train attendants drive, for example, from Eupen to Ostend, from Welkenraedt to Kortrijk or Brussels. There will therefore be an effect in several cities in the country, on the Walloon backbone and Antwerp,” she explains.

She advises travelers to follow real-time information on the trip planner and listen to station announcements to check if trains are running. She points out that the SNCB is in dialogue with the train attendants. The railway company also strongly condemns any aggression and asks that zero tolerance be applied towards perpetrators of aggression.

A guide was threatened with a knife while checking the tickets on Sunday morning at 8 a.m. She was not injured. The attacker, who was with two other people, was arrested by the police. The incident comes as in the coming days, SNCB had already planned to carry out an awareness campaign aimed at travelers on violence against on-board staff.

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