SNCF strike: TGV, TER, Transilien, RER … traffic forecasts for this Thursday, January 16

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The return to normal is not yet yet, but we are approaching the SNCF. This Thursday, 43rd day of mobilization against the pension reform, the company announces that 8 TGV and TER out of 10 will circulate. She points to a “new improvement in traffic”.

Find out below all the traffic forecasts for this Wednesday.

TGV: 8 trains out of 10 on average

East axis: almost normal traffic.

Atlantic axis: almost normal traffic.

North axis: normal traffic.

South-East axis: 8 trains out of 10.

Intersectors: 6 out of 10 trains.

Ouigo: normal traffic.

International traffic: traffic very little disturbed

Eurostar: normal traffic.

Thalys: almost normal traffic.

Lyria: 7 out of 10 trains.

TGV Inoui to Italy: 2 trains out of 3.

Alleo (to Germany): almost normal traffic.

RENFE-SNCF (to Spain): 1 train out of 2.

Intercity traffic: 1 train out of 2

Day intercities: 3 out of 5 trains.

Night intercities: no traffic.

Detailed forecast:

Paris – Clermont-Ferrand: 5 return trips.

Paris – Limoges – Toulouse: 2 return trips to Toulouse and 3 return trips and 1 return trip to Brive-la-Gaillarde.

Bordeaux – Marseille: 3 round trips.

Clermont-Ferrand – Neussargues: 1 round trip.

Nantes – Bordeaux: no traffic.

Nantes – Tours – Lyon: 2 return trips.

Toulouse – Hendaye: 3 round trips.

TER: 8 out of 10 trains

As a reminder, exchanges are free of charge and at no additional cost. The SNCF indicates that “if you cannot exchange your ticket, buy a new ticket and request its refund later”.

The Transiliens: 7 out of 10 trains

Line H: 2 trains out of 3 on all axes.

Line J: 2 trains out of 3 on average.

Line K: 4 out of 5 trains across Paris all along the line.

Line L: normal service.

Line N: 3 trains out of 4 for all axes.

Line P: 2 trains out of 3 on average.

Line R: 1 train out of 2. Only the Champagne-sur-Seine station is served on the Héricy branch (3 round trips).

Line U: 3 trains out of 4.


RER A: 1 train on 2 on average all day.

RER B: 1 train on 2 on average. Interconnection is restored at Paris-Nord station.

RER C: 3 trains out of 5 on average, all branches are served.

RER D: 3 trains out of 5 on average.

RER E: 4 trains out of 5 on average. The Haussmann-Tournan axis is in normal service.


Tram 4: frequency of 12 minutes.

Tram 11: normal service.


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