Snchez says the economic recovery will last two years

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, said that the economic recovery will begin in Spain in the last quarter of this year, although he predicted that “it will last for two years”.

“By the end of this legislature we will be in a better situation than the one left by the pandemic,” the chief executive said in an appearance this Sunday, announcing that the extension of the state of alarm that voting on Wednesday will be the last one proposed by the Government.

Sánchez has ratified the forecast of the Executive, already communicated in Brussels, that the Spanish economy will experience a “sharp drop of more than 9%“this year 2020.

However, he assured that the forecast is that the recovery, “as in the EU, is to be in the shape of a ‘V'”, although “it will not be symmetrical in all territories”.

In the case of Spain, he said that it would be “longer”, given that it would be two years old, and placed its start already “in the last quarter of this year”.


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