Sniace ceases its activity and closes its Torrelavega factory for not being able to pay

The Cantabrian industry in general and that of the Besaya region in particular have received a hard blow by announcing Sniace, a historic company in the region and one of the largest by number of employees, the cessation of its activity and the closure of the manufacturing complex of Torrelavega

The wastebasket will request its liquidation on Friday and that of Celltech and Viscocel, its two investees. The reason? The “impossibility” of facing the commitments derived from the creditors agreement approved after leaving the bankruptcy situation in 2015.

As the company has informed the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), this notification will imply the suspension of the exercise of the powers of administration and disposition of its assets, the appointment of bankruptcy administrators again, the anticipated expiration of bankruptcy credits Deferred and the start of settlement operations.

The decision comes only one day after Cogen suspended, five years ahead of schedule, the lease and management contract of its torrelaveguense plant; that the members of the works council were locked up for almost six hours in the offices of the factory to demand the payment of the last payroll, which has not yet been paid; and after the suspension by the regulator of its exchange price.

Sniace blames this situation on the “drastic” fall in the price of dissolving cellulose, viscose fiber and the sale of electricity, as well as the decision made by Cogen, which he believes does not comply with the law.

As soon as the news was transcended, the first reactions began to arrive. Among them, those of the regional government, through the Minister of Industry, Francisco Martín, who at that time could only think of the “social damage” of the closure and liquidation of the Torrelavega factory. “At this time I can only think of the more than 400 workers who are directly affected by this decision,” he said in a brief statement sent to the media, in which he indicated that this Friday, after talking with the company, “the moment of other type of valuations ».

Those of Citizens came from the mouth of its parliamentary spokesman, Félix Álvarez, who lamented the decision and considered it “the lace to the industry in Cantabria and a death certificate for the Besaya basin.” The deputy blamed the closure of Sniace on the “incompetence” of the Government of Spain and the “inoperance” of the regional Executive, for leading the company to “a dead end that will affect thousands of people in Cantabria terribly.” .

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