snooker filed Prof. asks for a comeback, organizes competition, but tightens control to prevent ‘Covid’

snooker filed Prof. asks for a comeback, organizes competition, but tightens control to prevent ‘Covid’

Mr. Sunthorn Jarumon, President of the Billiards Association of Thailand presided over the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Association online on August 28

Mr. Sunthorn said that snooker Thailand Ranking Or professional snooker in Thailand in 2021 will still have the same competition. Which has been postponed 3 times since the beginning of the year due to the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 virus. But the association has organized 1 qualifying round. By this time, there are still 4 months left. The association will continue to organize all 7 competitions as every year. But there must be continuous competition. The association has now submitted a letter requesting to organize the competition in a closed system. There is an intensive protection measure to the field. To approve the competition to take place in September which, if approved by the district, will be forwarded to Bangkok And to the end of the Sports Authority of Thailand, in the part of Prof. on Monday, August 30, the association will submit a letter to the Center for Management of the Epidemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CDC) to allow it. Snooker Tournament, Thailand Ranking Circuit, without spectators and athletes with strict control measures

Mr. Soonthorn continued that In the final competition to bring to compete in the provinces Now the association has contacted the host of the competition in all 7 provinces whether it can still be held as usual or not. which the association will send a new schedule that the association will send along with a letter requesting to organize the competition to the provincial governor But if any province is not ready The association may have to bring it to the field of competition within the Billiards Association of Thailand. Within the Rajamangala National Stadium, SAT Huamark, by closed competitions, there is an intense measure of everything. It is expected that, if everything is approved, the competition will begin in mid-September. because the association competition program has been made to support all

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