Snoring can indicate health problems. See how to prevent

Quality sleep is essential to maintain health and well-being. This is because sleeping badly causes various damages to the body, from metabolic problems to legacy mental health issues.

But sleeping well doesn’t just mean getting 8 hours of sleep a night. It’s important to ensure that nothing is disturbing the necessary rest – as is the case with snoring, for example.

“Snoring is a sound that occurs when there is turbulence of air passing through the oropharynx, generating tissue vibration. This usually results from a partial blockage of airflow and may be related to the sleeping position or due to a health condition”, explains Renata Castro, cardiologist and specialist in sports medicine.

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Serious diseases

Although snoring is common, there are cases in which it serves as a warning of serious health conditions. “This occurs when it is associated, for example, with sleep apnea, which leads to a drop in blood oxygen saturation”, warns Renata, who is also the executive director of the Ipanema Health Club.

The expert says that snoring usually indicates poor sleep quality, which also deserves an evaluation.

Read more about it on the Saúde em Dia portal, a partner of metropolises.

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