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Snow fungus moisturizingautumnEspecially suitable for eating. What can I do if I want to keep the white fungus refreshing? Hsiao Xinhao, a lecturer in the Chinese Department of the University and the founder of “Dr. Siu Cultural Studio” who was a chef, shared tips on soaking snow fungus and providing tips for making refreshing snow fungus: one is to pay attention to the types of snow fungus, and the other is to cook. time.

2 tips for cooking refreshing snow fungus:

1. Shop for refreshing snow fungus

Different types of snow fungus have different tastes. Xiao Xinhao said that in general, the snow fungus from Zhangzhou has a refreshing taste, while the snow fungus from Guizhou, Taiwan and other places is more tangy, and it is easier to simmer in soup. Xiao Xinhao teaches Lu. If you want to eat refreshing snow fungus, you can buy Zhangzhou snow fungus. If you are not sure, you can check with the store staff when buying.

2. Pay attention to the cooking time

The longer the white fungus is boiled, the more boiled the fungus becomes and the gelling becomes easier. After the white fungus is soaked, it is advisable to remove the stalk and wash it before cooking. If you want to keep the white fungus refreshing during the soup or stewing, you can add the white fungus for cooking at a later time; if you want the soup to have the gum of the white fungus, at the same time If you have a refreshing white fungus, you can cook part of the white fungus together with other ingredients when making the soup, and the remaining white fungus will be cooked at a later time. Note that the smaller the snow fungus, the easier it is to cook.

Tips for Soaking Snow Fungus

Xiao Xinhao pointed out that the bigger and thicker the snow fungus, the longer the soaking time. When soaking snow fungus, you can put the snow fungus in the fresh-keeping box, add water to soak the snow fungus so that the whole snow fungus absorbs water evenly. After adding water, cover the lid and put it in the refrigerator. It takes at least 2 hours (regardless of size). It is recommended to store the snow fungus in the immersion in a refrigerator to avoid deterioration due to high room temperature. It can also be stored for several days.

Interview: He Shaoying, Zhang Keer

Video: He Caisi

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