Snow Man Tatsuya Fukazawa “anan” Solo First cover to attack, snuggle up, accept, invite-Music Natalie

Tatsuya FukazawaSnow Man) Will be on the cover of the magazine “anan” No. 2268 released on September 29th.

Fukasawa has been on the cover of “anan” as Snow Man, but this is the first time he has appeared on the cover of the magazine alone. The main feature of this issue is “The Power of Conversation”, which introduces “how to improve conversation skills” that is useful in all situations such as relationships and work. On the gravure page, the scene of Fukasawa’s talk session dressed as a lecturer is imaged. There are four themes, “attack,” “near,” “accept,” and “invite,” and you can see Fukasawa’s different visuals. In “Attack”, Fukasawa, who was decided by coordinating the whole body black as well as the cover, showed the moment when he put on his suit as much as possible from on to off. “Nestling” is a playful and pop style, and the facial expressions that change during conversations with close friends are cut out. In “Receive”, he plays with the curtain in the creamy world of light and shows a gentle expression. In “Invite”, she shows off her lustrous appearance with her wet hair unprotected and opens up the sex appeal of adults.

In an interview, Fukasawa said, “Conversation is extremely important for Snow Man.” I will reveal what I noticed while observing the conversation between the members regardless of whether it was on or off, and the words I received from the members when shooting the first solo cover. In the “Conversation technique” question-and-answer section, we will show you the conversation technique in “a certain situation”, “What should I do when I have such a problem?”Also, in the “CLOSE UP” section of the magazineKawashima RueiyuTravis Japan, Johnny’s Jr.) appears.

On the release date of “anan” No. 2268, Snow Man’s 1st album “Snow Mania S1” will also be released.

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