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So bang! Cocktail x Tak Siriporn takes ‘Dung Dan’ to take the #1 hit song of the year.

Make each other enthusiasm! for Thailand Top 100 by JOOX 2021 The concert includes 100 hit songs of the year. That this time comes in an online form. to match the lifestyle in the New Normal era, far away from COVID-19 by using JOOX ROOMS feature with concept ‘The Show Must Go ROOMS is not popular anywhere, bring a pen to the band’ full of fun and impress the fans Throughout the country continuously for up to 8 full hours on the 27th of November. and many celebrities Let’s come and count down 100 hit songs in a very fun way. The top 3 hit songs of the year are: The song ‘Dung Dan’ from Cocktail x Tak Siriporn won the #1 hit song of 2021. The second place was the song ‘Undo’ from Pop Pongkul x WONDER FRAME. and Third place is the song ‘Defendant Love’ from F.HERO x TXRBO.

Even this year it comes online. But I can only say that it’s as fun as being in a real music festival. In addition to being able to enjoy concerts from many hot artists such as Da Endorphine, Three Man Down, THE TOYS, URBOY TJ, Bukin, LABANOON, COCKTAIL, NUM KALA, MEYOU, BOWKYLION, HYE, F.HERO, Oot Pramote, Pop Pongkul, Lipta, Ninew. , Whal & Dolph, Maiyarap, First Anuwat, PIXXIE, BIGASS, WAYAI, MIRRR, TXRBO, Jack Fanchan, 4EVE and many more Music fans can also enjoy many fun activities that JOOX has prepared for you, whether it is activities from various ROOMS rooms.

This year’s special that can’t be said! is the countdown period of 10 hit songs of 2021 ‘Pa Ted Yuttana’ Godfather of concerts in Thailand Let’s open the experience of bringing fans to join the countdown to the hit songs of the year in a new way that is even more exciting, with the top hit artists of the year like UrboyTJ, Maiyarap, MILLI, Pop Pongkul, F.HERO, Txrbo, Pramote Wilepana, Cocktail, Da Endorphine andBukin Come and show each other’s hit songs.

Cocktail said, “I must say I’m glad Maybe it was a coincidence that the song came out pleasing to the listener. But that doesn’t mean that our music is of the highest quality. because there are still good songs of other artists Many more songs that have happened in the past, thank you to all the fans and thank you. P’Tak-Siriphon too, which is an important component of this song. We’re glad that our music might be able to relax a lot of people. during covid-19 that may have more or less problems in life Because of the situation that happened, it created a jam in all matters. whether it is economic Thinking about health, the band’s working style during Covid-19 has changed, and we’re adjusting how we can live with it. to the entertainment industry And the music industry can continue to drive because in the past 2 years, everyone has been affected, whether it’s an event organizer, stage performer, sound equipment department, etc., which have all been affected. Even more than an artist And soon everyone will be able to listen to the 7th album of Cocktail. There are many more songs that we want to listen to. Let’s prepare well.”

Look at the top 10 hit songs. and the bang with the highest number of listeners from the Thailand Top100 by JOOX chart in 2021

  1. Dueng Dan (JOOX ORIGINAL) – Cocktail x Tak Siriporn
  2. Undo (JOOX ORIGINAL) – Pop Pongkul x WONDER FRAME
  3. Love defendant – F.HERO x Txrbo
  4. New boyfriend with familiar face – Maiyarap x MILLI
  5. If You Really Love Me – Three Man Down
  6. Deprive Ost. Translate Love Me With Your Heart – Billkin
  7. Song Jai Ost. Wanthong – Da Endorphine
  8. Ask a question – UrboyTJ
  9. Move on – Pramote Wilepana
  10. I’m not handsome. Ost. Ai… handsome person – BamBam

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