So far 79 rioters convicted of curfew riots | Inland

EenVandaag reports this on the basis of a tour of all courts. The suspects were sometimes sentenced to months in prison. Acquittals followed in three cases. A number of cases have been held for further investigation.

Most of the suspects (22) were arrested in Amsterdam. 16 of them have been convicted. The Zeeland-West Brabant region is in second place: 18 arrests, 18 convictions. According to the Public Prosecution Service (OM), more convictions will follow.

Riots broke out several nights in a row after the first curfew on Saturday 23 January. In several places this led to vandalism, looting and confrontations with the police. On the first evening, a corona test street burned down in Urk. On the following Monday things got out of hand in Den Bosch. There, rioters stole a Jumbo and a Primera.

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