“So is it the death you wanted?” – Yes “

“Are you feeling better than last night?”

– For now yes. “

Jonathann Daval had resumed colors, Thursday, November 19, after the vagal discomfort which, the day before, had ended his questioning after half an hour of succinct answers mumbled in front of a frustrated audience.

Twenty-four hours later, before the Assize Court of Haute-Saône, nine questions out of ten were again answered with a maximum of four words, but at least the president of the court, Matthieu Husson, has he was able to ask them all. And Jonathann Daval, who faces life imprisonment for the murder of his wife, Alexia, has taken a step forward: he has acknowledged the homicidal intent he had so far denied despite the evidence.

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Guided by the president, the 36-year-old defendant unfolds his version of the fatal night in Alexia. The argument that breaks out at home against a backdrop of a couple’s crisis she who demands a sexual relation; he who refuses it; she who emphasizes his lack of desire for her; he who tries to escape the conflict by leaving home.

“She bit my arm, I went crazy”

“I took the keys to the vehicle, she stopped me, she reproached me like what I’m not a man, that I do not want to face the situation, that I am less than nothing. ” He tries to recover the keys she took from him. “She bit my arm, I went crazy. “

Come the blows. “Punches, he said, raising his.

– Closed fists?

– Yes.

– It was the first time ?

– This is the first time I fought.

– You weren’t fighting, you were beating someone up ”, corrects the president.

Then comes the strangulation, and the accused’s particular voice quivers more and more.

“So you grabbed her by the neck?”

– By the neck. I squeezed. As long as I started to tighten, I held on. The time has been estimated at four minutes, but I, at the time, cannot estimate the time for you. When I felt she was sagging, I let go.

– Four minutes is a long time. “

He’s almost whispering his answers now.

“At the time, I didn’t realize, I was really angry.

– To the point of getting …

– The death.

– So it is death that you wanted?

– Yes.

– Let me be clear. You squeezed her neck until you died, because in your anger state you wanted death?

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