So much sincerity

There are two types of people. The ones that we carry the keys in my hand from a kilometer before and those that arrive at the portal and then say oops, I will have to open with something. There are two types of fans. Those who arrive at the stadium and ask against who is played that afternoon – or at least against who is played on the following day -, and those who in August have already memorized the calendar until Christmas.

All types of people and all types of fans know that Christmas really begins when you put the tree at home, that perhaps this is the only consensus left standing in Spain right now. This and say about movies and football games that we have not seen, that also unites us as a people. I used to spend Christmas in Zaragoza because my father's family lives there. My cousin Victor always received me with outstanding news. One year it was a record, another a vital attitude and often a video game, kids' stuff. One year the novelty was the motorcycle they had bought him to go to high school.

As something had to be done, my cousin thought it was a good idea for me to try it, so we went to a corner of his urbanization, a half-built block and still uninhabited. Without possible traffic and taking into account that I had never taken a motorcycle and I have never taken it again, it is understood that my unique and legitimate objective was simple. My goal was identical to that of so many lateral professional rights: not to risk, not to fall, not to break anything, to complete without return or glory the return to the block. For and for that I took precautions.

I was so slow that I started on Christmas Eve and arrived on Reyes' morning; I was so slow that when I returned to the height of my cousin, once the tour was completed, the poor man had become a snowman; I was so slow that on the way to Castellón it gave him time to change coaches twice.

A video that leaks

However, when we returned home, my cousin told his father that I had driven very well. It was definitely a class detail. I want to assume that he detected a key there: the truth does not matter, the truth remains. The truth does not help so many times. I remembered it with the controversial video of Peru Nolaskoain the other night. The young soccer player of Sports He recorded for his friends a video that ended up filtering. He explained that he was screwed because his team does not win a game, said they were very bad – they are last – and that he was sick and could not go out to get drunk and forget, and he regretted staying at home playing play, at 21 years.

The reaction was the usual one, you know, the mob walked with torches, the nets burned and Nolaskoain He apologized the next day. But I would say that the main and only problem of the video is that we are not prepared for such sincerity, and less as far as football players are concerned, we are not prepared to chew the truth that hurts.

It is better to live without knowing the whole truth, without knowing what we think of each other. In fact, it is the only reasonable way to do it. Remember it on the table this Christmas.


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