So you can boast the ‘lineup’ of your dreams based on what you hear

When the poster for a music festival is revealed There is never a lack of that person who always complains and/or says that an artist was missing from the lineup, even if he is his favorite or, he is on tour near his country and therefore he expected it. If we will know…

Surely you are or know these types of people and if so, surely you have thought of them when you see the ‘Instafest’ posters that people are sharing on their social networks and which show the most listened to artists on Spotify.

Why are k-pop fans upset with Kakao M and Spotify?

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‘Instafest’ lets you create the lineup of your dreams

In the final stretch of the year and apparently warming up for the annual count of said music streaming platform, an application called Instafest has begun to attract the attention of many and manythen create a festival poster based on the artists you listen to the most.

To get your poster is very simple: just go to the Instafest page (find it by clicking here) and enter with your Spotify profile. The platform will ask you for access to your account information, so you will already know if you accept or not.

Photo via: Instafest

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Photo via: Instafest

All based on the artists you listen to the most on Spotify

After Instafest is allowed to see your username, playlist, profile picture and more, the platform will allow you to make your festival poster based on the artists they have listened to in the last monththe last six months or since they have used Spotify to listen to music.

Already having the poster, which by the way can change the name or hide its user, Instafest will give you three color palettes to design your lineupwhich you can later save to your gallery or share directly on other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

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