So you can know if a stranger has your number on WhatsApp

Has it ever happened to you that someone writes you, or sends you an audio, and you don’t have it scheduled, do you? Now if you’ve never given him your number, how did he get it? Here we tell you how to know if a stranger has your WhatsApp number.

The functionality is simple and can be used whether you have an Android or iOS operating system. You must create a dissemination channel with which you will get the same message to reach several contacts, including all of them and even the groups in which they participate.

At that moment a message will appear saying the following: “only contacts with your number in their contact list will receive your broadcast messages”. You will then have to send a test message and wait until all the contacts start reading the texts.

Then, you must go to Message information and keep it pressed, to access all its properties. There you will open a screen where you can check who read your message. If a number appears in that window that is not saved or, you cannot directly link it with someone you know, it means that that stranger has your WhatsApp number.


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