Sobchak met in a restaurant with Ivleeva in super jeans

Both presenters preferred dynamic youth images.

Nastya Ivleeva and Ksenia Sobchak. Photo: Global look press

Ksenia Sobchak and Nastya Ivleeva checked in together at the restaurant to discuss the results of the Muz-TV Prize. Both girls chose dynamic bows with black tops for the publication: Konstantin Bogomolov’s wife is figured on thin straps, and Aljay’s chosen one is oversized as if from a man’s shoulder.

Also, both blondes together opted for trousers. The host of “Eagle and Tails” tried on cropped black, the ex-star of “House-2” dressed in jeans-boyfriends made of boiled denim with a high waist. They are, according to the assurances of stylist Alexander Rogov, visually increase growth.

“Blondes in chocolate,” Ksenia Sobchak wrote about her trip to the establishment.

The appearance of girls together in a restaurant is actively discussed on the Web, because the public is not used to seeing them together.

“When Ksyusha looks better than Nastya”, “Nastya looks older than Ksyusha”, “Ksyusha looks like Nastya’s mother”, “Everybody looks good,” they reacted very controversially to the photo of the stars published on the Web.

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