Social life of 18-25 year old students: they could be entitled to a “kot bubble” of 6 people

New rules have been decreed for extra-curricular activities for young people under 12 and 12-18 years old. In this context, a proposal was made concerning students aged 18-25: the authorities are considering relaxing the rules governing their contacts by suggesting a social bubble of 6 people.

According to our information, the authorities are considering relaxing the rules governing contacts between young students aged 18 to 25. There would then be a specific bubble for students aged 18-25: a six person bubble. This proposal, entitled “bubble kot”, is on the table but has not yet been validated. In this bubble, young people could see themselves without restriction, without a mask. The authorities would then ask 18-25 year olds to limit their contact when they return to their families. The government would also ask them not to mix the different bubbles.

The precise details of this “bubble kot” proposal are not yet known.

A few days ago, Victoria, an 18-year-old student freshly admitted to the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in psychology, said she suffered from the isolation imposed on all students, in an open letter.

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