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Rafael S. Chacón G.


In these last four years the salary has been hit and its fall has been resounding. The Constitution establishes that the minimum wage must be adjusted every year taking as a reference the cost of the basic basket, whose current cost is 180 dollars, therefore it is unattainable for the working class as a whole.

This whole situation is the product of the permanent siege against our country by North American imperialism, submitting us to a hybrid war, with a criminal blockade; so much so that we have not been able to sell a drop of oil during the last 14 months, coupled with an unusual increase in prices, causing hyperinflation.

The policy of the Yankee empire is to try to dismantle the state; An example is the private business community, which fails to comply with collective agreements, proposing an individual contractual relationship and in the public sector they are not fulfilled due to lack of resources.

If something cannot be denied, it is that during the Bolivarian Revolution efforts have been made to protect workers with job stability, granting 53 salary increases and carrying out a social protection policy with bonuses, through the Patria System, to 14 million of citizens.

Many will say that this is insufficient and they are right; For this reason, we must seek to strengthen the social well-being of all workers, developing much more public and free education, the national public health system, food through the CLAP and rescuing Mercal and Abastos Bicentenario once again; Regarding transportation, the rates agreed by the government must be met, promoting new fleets of vehicles and a policy of granting housing for the working class through the Housing Mission.

Greater budgetary resources must be granted to the public administration and in all sectors to encourage production much more, to achieve its diversification and break with the dependence on oil rentism, which allows us to defeat the blockade.

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