[Société] PHOTOS – In the Providence district, stagnant waters favorable to hopper breeding places

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Each species of mosquito has its ecology. The Aedes albopictus is an urban mosquito, nearly 80% of the gites listed by the ARS are human-made roosts in courtyards and gardens. It is often found in gullies in case of accumulation of waste and bulky which can become breeding places by accumulation of rainwater ” explains the Regional Health Agency, in our edition today, which is interested in the localization of the breeding places of the tiger mosquito, vector of dengue.

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It was after reading this JIR article of the day that one of our readers sent us the pictures of a small canal, located at the start of the Ave Maria alley in the Providence district of Saint-Denis. . A neighborhood bordered by dwellings, but which is also close to the social nursery of the Sisters of Mary.

“These photos clearly show the neglect of the health services: stagnant water, invasive vegetation. In short, everything you need to create an environment favorable to the proliferation of mosquitoes and the circulation of dengue”, explains the author of these photos, who declares that he has never observed any mosquito control operation in the surroundings …

Photos: A.L

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