[Société] Vaccine: find out when you are going to get vaccinated

Are you wondering when can you get the Covid-19 vaccine? An online simulator allows you to give you an approximate date.

70 million people vaccinated before the end of August: this is the objective set by the French Government to stop the spread of Covid-19 across the country. A project perhaps a little too ambitious, especially since the vaccine is not unanimous among the population. But when you want to get closer to your goals, you better aim high, right?

If priority is currently given to people over 75 years of age or working in the medical community, we do not know where we are on this famous waiting list. Are you one of those who decided to get vaccinated and you would like to know the day when you can claim your little bite? Imagine that this is possible, thanks to an online simulator created by two researchers at INSA Lyon: Salam Mubarak, the man behind the project, and Maciej Kowalski, who helped him to put in place this fun tool intended for the general public.

Who will be served first? When could you get it?We’ve created this calculator to provide you with answers to these important questions, explain the two scientists on the site omnicalculator.com. The “France Vaccine Queue Calculator” will give you an estimate of how many people have priority over you. It will also help you estimate how long you will need to wait before receiving your vaccine. By using our tool, you will therefore have a better idea of ​​when you might be vaccinated “.

More than 2 years to vaccinate everyone

To make its calculations, the simulator is based on data from the Haute Autorité de Santé and the expected rate of weekly vaccinations. Other data are also taken into account, such as age, profession, a possible pregnancy in progress, pathologies from which one could suffer … Unsurprisingly, vulnerable people find themselves at the top of the list, while young people have no problem. apparent are found at the end of the list.

A thirty-something in good shape will have to wait behind several million people: between 19 million and 29 million. His first dose of vaccine is estimated between May 3, 2022 and December 18 of the same year, his second dose between May 24, 2022 and January 8, 2023. If we trust the simulator, a person aged 60, followed medically, would have, at most, only 560,000 people before it. She could receive her first dose of vaccine before February 9 and her second dose between February 17 and March 2, 2021.

As you will have understood, the simulator does not take into account the Government’s desire to vaccinate the entire population before the end of the year. Probably more realistic, the digital tool indeed estimates the time needed to vaccinate all French people at over 2 years.

But do you want to know where you stand on the list? Go to the omnicalculator.com web page.

Nathalie Techer

Perform your simulations by simply answering the questions that appear on the left of the screen on the link www.omnicalculator.com/health/queue-pour-vaccin-france

Practical information

Where to get vaccinated?

• At the Raymond Lauret room at the 14th Km in Le Tampon (0262 72 04 04)

• At the former Saint-André police station located at 237 avenue de la République (0262 72 04 04)

• At the GHER in Saint-Benoît (0262 98 83 77)

• At the Félix Guyon CHU in Saint-Denis (0262 90 65 65)

• At the Reydellet room in Saint-Denis (0262 72 04 04)

• At the CHOR de Saint-Paul (0262 74 27 90)

• At the multipurpose room of the Etang in Saint-Paul (0262 72 04 04)

• At the Saint-Pierre CHU (0262 35 97 64)

Access modalities

Vaccination is done exclusively by appointment made by phone or online on the site: https://www.sante.fr

Anyone who has already made an appointment who wishes to cancel or change the date is invited to recall the Covid standard so as not to waste the dose of vaccine. On D-day, you must present an identity document or a medical prescription from the doctor, as well as his vital card or certificate of rights to access the free vaccine without advance of costs. After the injection of the vaccine, the person will be asked to remain at least 15 minutes at rest in the center before any outing, the time to check that there is no negative reaction to the vaccine.

Eligible audiences

After people residing in nursing homes, health professionals, people over 75 years old, are also invited to make an appointment, all people referred by their doctor on medical prescription on the grounds of having: either cancer and malignant haematological diseases during treatment with chemotherapy, either severe chronic kidney disease, including dialysis patients, or chronic multiple pathologies (at least two organ failure are required), or certain rare diseases and for end of trisomy 21. Also join the panel, people transplanted solid organs, or transplanted by allogeneic hematopoietic stem cells.

As a reminder, vaccination is free, with no advance on costs. It is done in two injections spaced 21 days apart. Finally, it is not compulsory.


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