Söder describes masks as an “instrument of freedom”

Dhe Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has shown himself to be open on the question of the ban on accommodation, to discuss the previous regulation and possibly to withdraw it. Before the Prime Minister’s meeting with the Federal Chancellor on Wednesday, Söder said that the ban on accommodation for travelers coming from a Corona hotspot “is not the decisive factor”, but is “a subordinate point”. In the matter it is “in no way fixed”.

A few days ago, Söder was even more affirmative on the subject: on Thursday he said the ban would help “to give our tourism, restaurants and hotels a degree of stability”. “Everyone can now go on vacation without any problems, he should just bring a test and be able to take a test accordingly. Then it works. “Recently, however, more and more criticism had broken out. The Deputy Prime Minister of Bavaria, Hubert Aiwanger of the Free Voters, described the benefits of the containment measure as “very manageable”. Many restaurateurs had complained about business losses and the recent bureaucratic effort.

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The President of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, Gerald Haug, who had attended the meeting of the Bavarian Council of Ministers on Tuesday, expressed his skepticism about the ban on accommodation; one should “rethink” it. The side effects of the measure are “very strong” and should not be extended beyond the autumn holidays.

Söder said that was not planned anyway. He also pointed out that the problems with the ban on accommodation are mainly in those federal states in which it is more difficult than in Bavaria to get a test with which one can be “freed” for a trip. In any case, it is much more important than the ban on accommodation to create a “uniform and understandable corona set of rules” for all of Germany in order to contain the pandemic. It was “five to twelve”, the infection number, which Söder called “the mother of all numbers”, was “far too early, far too high”. That is why it needs “a jolt” that leads away from the “small-small”.


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