Sofia Coppola to release her next film with Apple this fall

Apple has already released the trailer for the Sofia Coppola’s upcoming film, ‘On the Rocks’, which will air on the technology giant’s streaming platform and will feature Bill Murray, Rashida Jones and Marlon Wayans as the protagonists.

The new project of the director of ‘Lost in Translation’ is part of Apple’s bets for the next season in its push into the audiovisual industry, which has included this film from the award-winning independent studio A24 (‘Moonlight’, ‘Lady Bird’, ‘Uncut Gems’).

‘On the Rocks’ will premiere next October and stars Rashida Jones in the role of a young mother with doubts about her marriage who meets her impulsive father in New York to meet again and check the differences in the relationships between two generations.

As on previous occasions, the French band Phoenix will put music to this tape with a new song entitled ‘Identical’, which marks the band’s return to music three years after their last album.

After entering the streaming with Apple TV +, the apple company is showing increasingly active in the world of cinema and recently released ‘Greyhound’, starring and written by Tom Hanks as one of the great productions of this summer that has not been shown in theaters due to the pandemic.


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