Sofía Pachano was eliminated from Masterchef Celebrity and received a particular compliment from Germán Martitegui: “I saw myself reflected and I tried to be as tough as possible”

The emotional words of the jury to Sofía Pachano after her elimination

After the elimination of Vicky Xipolitakis, in the seminals of Masterchef Celebrity there were four participants in search of the grand final and at the gala on Tuesday, Analía Franchín, The Polish, Claudia Villafañe and Sofia Pachano they fought to stay in the contest. Her usual self-demand and the audacious choice of her plate left Sofia, one of the great candidates to win the trophy, out of the race.

The penultimate semifinal gala had a much loved guest who contributed the difficulty on which the test was organized. Natalia Oreiro She visited the reality studios and brought her refrigerator with her, since the participants had to cook based on the products that the actress usually has at home. “I am an ovo-lacto-vegetarian ”, The Uruguayan woman appeared, and that in advance was a difficulty, which was confirmed once the burners were lit.

The participants had absolute freedom to prepare the dishes, with the only limit of the ingredients selected by Oreiro. With this panorama, El Polaco and Claudia Villafañe opted for savory elaborations, while Sofía Pachano and Analía Franchín went sweet. No contestant lived up to a Masterchef Celebrity semi-final, and Donato De Santis, one of the jurors, was in charge of making it clear:

Sofía Pachano says goodbye to Masterchef Celebrity

Analia, you heard our comment, you made a listless plate; Sofia, excellent attempt, delivery disaster; Polish, colorful dish, with good flavor, it is not up to par; Claudia, very good idea made by halves, dry and lack of sauces ”, He briefly reviewed the Italian. “All four, a very poor delivery for what we expect of you at this point.”

With this bleak outlook, the juries deliberated and agreed that the main difficulties were at the candy table. At the time of making the announcement, the one who took the floor was again De Santis, who this time made it brief: “Whoever leaves the kitchen of Masterchef Celebrity is … Sofi ”.

Surprise gripped everyone in the studio, starting with the driver, Santiago del Moro, who congratulated the finalists and dedicated a few words to Aníbal’s daughter: “You gave this show a shine like few participants. Because of your desire, your flight, your knowledge, your passion and respect for cooking. You are everything, Sofi. I congratulate you”, closed the driver. “It gives me a lot of anger not having done something safe, but nothing, things happen something”the participant lamented.

The dish that left out Sofia Pachano from Masterchef Celebrity

As had happened in the elimination of Xipolitakis, German Martitegui was the jury with the most heartfelt words. “It was a joy meeting you, it must have been very difficult for someone as sensitive as you to expose your weaknesses and insecurities in front of millions of people “, commented the demanding chef, while Pachano listened to him attentively and with his eyes full of tears.

“I want to tell you why I got so heavy with you,” confessed the jury. “I recognize some flaws that I had when I started cooking. Wanting everything to turn out so perfect, and have a reinforcement thing in case it doesn’t come out conspires against you “, analyzed. “As I saw myself reflected, I tried to be as tough as possible in those situations, but one day it will start to come out, what happens to you will stop happening, because the path you follow is the one you have to follow”, concluded Martitegui before the emotion of Sofia.

For its part, the jury Damien Betular he was also moved during the farewell. “We always say that cooking is an act of love, throughout the competition you were able to show that feeling. In my memory I will stay the tribute you did to your dad, and that is the purity of this act that is cooking “said the pastry chef, before giving him a compliment: “Excellent cook, you always innovated and you went for that. Although it is hard for you to leave today, you set the bar very high ”.

De Santis had the task of decontracting: “We had a good time. We have fun, we cook, we dance, very delicious dishes, some in the Olympus of the best that we have tasted here. We say goodbye to you with great joy, thank you for everything you are a genius ”. Still moved, Pachano thanked the driver, the judges and especially the participants. “I love that this is happening with a cooking show that is a love”

Sofía Pachano’s tribute to her father, Anibal during Masterchef Celebrity

The dish that condemned the actress was a caramel flan with whipped cream. During the preparation he had problems with the caramel, and when unmolding it, it did not achieve the desired height. As he had not been trusted, he prepared an avocado mousse with chocolate and berries as a plan b, a mistake he had made before.

Pachano spent the moment of tasting anguished and with tears in his eyes. This is how he narrated the step by step of his dishes and listened to the return of the jury. “It was a bad choice of what you could do, it was a vegetarian day, it was your moment ”, lament Martitegui. “I am very sensitive for the end. I didn’t want to do something vegetarian, I preferred to gamble a little more, but sometimes these things happen ”, Sofia pointed out, that she did not have faith to reach the final. A while later, her fears came true.


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