SOGO Thankful Week 2021丨Sogo Thankful Week Shopping Guide Pre-entry guides, discounts and promotions!

SOGO Thankful Week 2021 SOGO Thankful Week 2021 SOGO Thankful Week 2021 Date

It’s the annual SOGO Thankful Week again! Everyone is ready (Sogo Thanksgiving Festival) to take the lead in online store exclusive pre-orders from October 13th to October 26th, and officially start in stores in three stages from October 27th to December 5th. I will introduce you to the Internet right away. In addition to the pre-order, there are any discounts on the spot to promote it!

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Beauty articles

Sisley Ecological Compound Set $1,700 (Value: $3,435) (Only October 28)

Sisley launched a discounted all-around lotion set this time, which contains 125ml of all-purpose lotion, 100ml of fragrance cleanser, 100ml of floral lotion, 10ml of full-effect deep moisturizing cream, 5ml of full-effect deep moisturizing cream and 5ml of eye and lip repair gel. You can take it home for about half the price, which is very affordable.

Tom Ford Beauty classic magic lipstick and foundation set $950 (value: 1,250)

Tom Ford Beauty also launched a variety of special offers, including Oud Wood and Soleil Brulant endorsed by Hyun Bin’s private perfumes, limited edition LOST CHERRY cushion foundation and classic four-color eyeshadow palette, plus lipstick, essence repair Wait, five wishes are fulfilled in one go!

  • Classic Magic Lipstick #100 EQUUS

  • Classic Magic Lipstick #16 SCARLET ROUGE

  • Perfume Experience Pack 1.5ML

  • TOM FORD RESEARCH Essence Repair Lotion 15ML

  • Matte Concealer Liquid Foundation Experience Pack 4ML

Shiseido ULTIMUNE’s new upgraded Royal Immunity Essence 120ml combination $1,550 (worth HK$3,760) (Causeway Bay store October 27 to November 9)

Shiseido’s flagship ULTIMUNE immunity essence contains precious Ganoderma lucidum essence, newly added Roselle essence and ten medicine essence extracted from Nagano Prefecture, Japan, which can activate the microcirculation of the skin, enhance skin immunity and promote collagen regeneration.

  • ULTIMUNE 3rd Generation New Upgraded Royal Immunity Essence 120ml and 10ml x 2pcs

  • VITAL PERFECTION Whitening and Anti-line Refreshing Toner 75ml x 2pcs

  • VITAL PERFECTION All-in-One Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Refreshing Lotion 30ml x 2pcs

  • VITAL PERFECTION Moisturizing Cream 15ml

  • VITAL PERFECTION Revitalizing Lifting Cream 15ml

  • VITAL PERFECTION Revitalizing Instant Lifting Eye Mask 2 Pairs

Kitchenware articles

Cuisintec-KJ-8796 Mini Blender $898 (Value: 1,688)

The mini blender produced by Cuisintec is small in size, easy to install, with a high-strength torque and durable motor and silent operating system, easy to clean, and is a practical choice.

Fissler-Vitavit Premium S4 High Speed ​​Cooker 6 + 3.5L Set $2,988 (Value: $5,680)

The Fissler Vitavit Premium S4 high-speed cooker imported from Germany and sold over 100 million in the world is safe and durable. It is suitable for cooking fish, vegetable meat, rice, old hot soup, stewed dishes, etc. This time the discount is up to 47%, and it is also a gift Beech spatula and Fissler wooden tray.

Cleansui Water-Japan Mitsubishi EF203 front-mounted water filter with EFC21 filter element set (one machine with four elements) $1,438 (value: $2,092)

The faucet-type water filter has strong filterability and does not occupy much space. Each filter element has a lifespan of up to 3 months, which is very suitable for Hong Kong households.

Zojirushi-Rice Cooker (NL-GAQ18-BM) 1.8L $1,899 (Value: $2,688)

Zojirushi rice cooker has a multi-purpose cooking function, specially equipped with a variety of healthy cooking functions such as quinoa, oatmeal, brown rice, active brown rice, steaming, etc.; it also has a variety of white rice cooking functions, both “steaming” and “steaming” functions.

Home appliances

Dyson-Pure Hot+Cool 3-in-1 Fan Warm Air Purifier HP04 (Silver White) $4,580 (Value: 6,480)

The formaldehyde decomposition technology of Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic three-in-one fan heater air purifier can eliminate formaldehyde and continuously and effectively purify the air intelligently. Continuously blow warm or cool breeze to the whole house.

Braun-IS7156 CareStyle 7 Pro Pressure Steam Iron $2,598 (value: 4,288)

Braun’s excellent pressure steam iron series. Innovative ergonomic design, soft handle material and easy descaling system ensure a faster and simpler descaling process.

Fashion accessories

Kate Spade-Darcy Small Bucket Bag $1,890 (Value: $4,200)

Darcy small bucket bag is made of selected pebbled Italian cowhide. The simple design makes it easy to create an ideal look. This time thank you festival for purchasing 2 Kate Spade products, you can enjoy an extra 20% off on the second product!

SOGO Thankful Week 2021 Thankful AnniversaryDetails

Online shop priority pre-order: October 13 to 26

Phase 1: October 27 to November 9

The second stage: November 10 to 23

The third stage: November 24 to December 5

Location: Sogo Department Store in Causeway Bay / Sogo Department Store in Tsim Sha Tsui


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