Solar generators to produce and consume energy differently

Jackery portable solar generators will revolutionize the way you consume electricity and “light up your winter” by effectively protecting you against power outages.

With rising energy prices, more and more households are looking for alternative energy sources and equipping their homes with a back-up power supply. Opt, in turn, for a solar-powered generator to guarantee access to responsible and rechargeable energy for your home, in the event of one-off or repeated incidents at your supplier.

A portable backup power supply

Jackery is the first brand to launch portable energy stations (previously mainly used by campers). The Californian expert maintained his innovation by developing, shortly after, the first portable solar panels.

This specialist in portable solar generators has already sold more than 2 million units worldwide.

Jackery best-selling solar generators on Amazon

The use of a Jackery solar generator is now one of the best solutions for saving energy in winter.

Quiet, easy to install, move and recharge, Jackery power stations can be used as backup power for:

  • a refrigerator ;
  • a microwave ;
  • a cell phone or computer battery;
  • A television ;
  • air conditioning…

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Article produced in partnership with the Jackery teams.

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