sold for $ 360,000

During the last years the collection of letters from Pokémon of the game of Wizards of the Coast has exploded, generating sales of hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions and shaping collections worth the weight of their Pokémon in gold.

Sold at a recent auction, this Blastoise 1998 is one of the most expensive cards to date. Has reached the $ 360,000 but to be the only one who is missing from two very special letters.

Of sharp edges instead of rounded, and with finishes and sources different from those used in what would be the commercial version, this is one of the cards that Wizards of the Coast used to show Nintendo the English translation of the trading card game.

It is unknown what happened to the second letter, so it would not be unreasonable to think that after so many years it has disappeared forever and, therefore, it will be considered unique in the world until the appearance of his sister.

The two cards that occupy the podium of the most expensive is the Pikachu Illustrator card submitted in a 1998 drawing contest, which reached $ 233,000, and the first edition of the Charizard foil without side shadow, recently bought by youtuber Logan Paul for $ 150,000.

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