Sole Onetto talks about her struggle to be a mom at 45

The communicator is going through a long process to achieve this goal, for which she also used technology.

In an interview with Velvet Magazine Sole Onetto She referred to issues related to her personal life, confirming that she is in a relationship and hopes to become a mother at 45 years of age.

“Technology has always been my ally (…) I’ve been in a relationship and very happy for years (…) he’s a lawyer, and he’s not known, so I’m going to take care of his privacy. He is a fantastic man, a very sensitive man, very detailed, very romantic, but at the same time very outdoor, “he said.

“We have gone through ups and downs like everyone else. We have been together, apart, and so on. But today we are in a precise period, separately and together. Looking to have a child in common, because he already has, “he added.

To carry out this, the Mega journalist decided to freeze eggs, with the aim of having a better chance of getting pregnant.


“What happens is that you reach this age and what you have always read ends up being true, that things are not so easy. Today the cases of spontaneously pregnant women at this age are highly unlikely. So you have to do a long process, but we have techniques to achieve it ”, he pointed.

Likewise, he also launched a reflection: “Part of the responsibility I have for having this megaphone that my profession gives me, is to say that no one makes a mistake. If indeed you as a woman want to postpone your motherhood, the fertility drop curve from the age of 35 is violent. This is nature and no one is going to change it. So, if you want to postpone your motherhood, egg freezing is a requirement ”.

“This should be financed in some way, as happens in some companies in the United States. Because we have not been the only ones who have decided to postpone motherhood; it is also the cultural system and the economy that we have created that has caused us to put it off. Our exit to the field of work, which I am the first to applaud and celebrate, has had its costs as well ”, he added.

It should be noted that, weeks ago, Onetto suffered an injury while moderating the Enade 2021 meeting, along with the face-to-face candidates.

At that time, the communicator explained that she had a serious injury to her knee, which she had to take care of with treatment.


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