Soledad’s assistant registrar is suspended

In the last days, two officials of the Soledad Auxiliary Registrar they were suspended from their positions, in the midst of the investigations that are being carried out for the alleged irregularities in the issuance of identity documents and citizenship cards to foreigners (from Venezuela) who are in national territory and who intend to participate in electoral contests in the country.

Óscar Edgardo Bermúdez Acosta, assistant registrar for Soledad and Mario Esquiaqui Cervera, administrative technician of the entity in the municipality, were removed from their positions from November 5 to February 4, 2021, following a decision by the Office of Discipline Inspection.

“Those suspensions were given in a preventive manner while investigating some alleged irregularities detected, in order to avoid interference in inquiries “said a source of the entity to this medium.

A defense

Lawyer Oscar Molina Osorio, Bermúdez Acosta’s lawyer, pointed out that the process that was opened to his client “It has nothing to do” with the investigations currently being carried out by the Registrar, because the process was opened for other reasons.

“On November 3, CTI staff and Delegates of the National Registrar in the Atlantic arrived at the Auxiliary Registrar and they found some people who were presenting to the registrar how they were going with the contract. These people acted as a support body for the registrar, but their employment contracts were with the Mayor’s Office of Soledad. From there the disciplinary process began ”, explained Molina Osorio.

The lawyer stated that, although the CTI agents took information from the Soledad Auxiliary Registrar, “Foreigners over 7 years old are not registered there without the proper apostille; that is to say, that in that office it is unlikely that irregularities such as the ones they are investigating have occurred ”.

Other processes

On the afternoon of Friday, October 30, a judicial inspection was carried out at the headquarters of the Special Registry of Soledad, where It was confirmed that Osvaldo Santana González and Yamil Castro Fábregas were removed from their positions to continue with the investigations.

The investigations carried out by the Registrar also touched the Galapa offices, which led to their closure “preventively.”

The closure of the office occurred due to the investigations carried out to establish the way in which Bernardino Melean Frontado, alias Willy Melean (neutralized at dawn last Friday in Santander), obtained a citizenship card in Colombia which was found in his belongings.

Although the investigations have not touched the Barranquilla Registrar, this medium learned that, for a few days, “each record that has been issued informally is being reviewed to see if there was any irregularity,” said the source.


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