solution with incisions of less than three millimeters

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More than 5,000 interventions carried out and with 95% success, Dr. Elgeadi is a renowned specialist in Madrid advanced spine surgery ganador del Top Doctors Awards 2020.

What does it mean to you to win the Top Doctors Awards?

When you get an award of these characteristics, I think the first thing you feel is gratitude. Gratitude towards those colleagues who believe in what you do, who believe in your technique, in your dedication and above all, in your results. I am very happy to have the trust of colleagues in the profession to continue improving, learning and developing my knowledge.

What are you specialized in?

I am dedicated to minimally invasive surgery. I always look for alternatives to aggressive and complex surgeries. The more aggressive, the more likely there is to find a technique that minimizes such aggression. Hence, although I have a subspecialization in shoulder surgery and another specialization in the spine, I always look for techniques adapted to all joints that can help us to minimize the aggression of the tissues. My goal is to include technology, the best medical equipment and of course the best professionals in our practice. That’s why i would say my goal as head of service is to develop new techniques that allow us to reduce the aggression posed by conventional techniques. Search, learn and improve techniques and, of course, surrounding ourselves with the best professionals in my team help me improve these techniques, to provide our patients with the best care and best results.

What does this surgery consist of?

-The advanced spinal endoscopy consists of the use of a camera and optics approximately 3mm diameter to solve column problems, ranging from simple hernias to more complex cases of lumbar canal stenosis or cervical hernias. The arrival of a technique of this caliber, which allows solving the most complex spinal problems through minimal incisions and without tissue damage, has great benefits for the patient. Among others, recoveries in the same day, practically almost painless, with outpatient surgeries, return to work in less than a week in some cases and, above all, reduce to almost zero the risks of conventional surgeries.

We must emphasize that we are one of the few teams that perform completely endoscopic cervical and dorsal surgeries, ours being the team with the largest number of successful surgeries nationwide in interventions of this type. Both for the number of cases successfully completed, as well as for the multiple national and international accreditations that position us as a national and international reference team for this type of surgery.

When can it be applied?

We can practically treat any spinal pathology with this technique. Canal stenosis, herniated discs, cysts, some tumors, some postsurgical fibrosis, and practically all Colunm surgery can be addressed using this technique. However, there are certain very specific and very limited pathologies in which it is not possible, either because the patient has had many previous interventions, because the anatomy does not allow it … However, even if we could not solve the patient’s problem 100%, Yes, you will notice relief, so that even if we tell you that it requires more treatment, for him or her it is more than enough. Reducing your pain is already a lot, and you won’t expose yourself to anything else if you’re already satisfied with reducing the discomfort.

How is the postoperative?

Practically immediately postoperatively, in most cases. The patient can take walks, move around and lead a quiet life. Some of our patients can go home three or four hours after surgery, walking and not accompanied by crutches.. With this technique, the muscles or the bone are not damaged, so the little limitation that the patient has is caused rather by other factors, such as anesthesia or the fear that he may feel. However, a priori, mobility is not limited because no damage to the most important structures of the spine. The area may be a bit sore, depending on the patient’s pathology, but most patients wake up without any post-surgical pain, but with relief from the pain they had before. I have had patients, before the COVID-19 crisis, who took a flight in the morning to have surgery with my technique, and in the afternoon they took another to return home.

New referral center

On February 2, 2021 we will found the Institute for Advanced Spine Surgery. It is a center that will bring together the most advanced technology in spinal surgery, although it will have more specialties, including the latest in technology for the treatment of all joints. It will be, as before, a training center in which doctors from all over the world are trained, both in endoscopic surgery and in other types of minimally invasive surgeries. At the same time, We have an R&D team and we are investigating daily in the improvement of our surgical techniques. Among our objectives for the coming years, is the application of robotic surgeries, the use of navigations through nanoscopy and all kinds of avant-garde technology … We seek to continually advance, and thanks to this, facilitate the before, during and after in all treatments for our patients.

Prof. Dr. Ghassan Elgeadi

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