solutions to relieve congestion in analysis laboratories

To try to shorten the queues in front of the analysis laboratories and the delays to obtain a Covid-19 screening result, the government and health organizations are mobilizing.

Prime Minister Jean Castex welcomed this on Friday 11 September, at the end of the Defense Council: France now performs more than one million Covid screening tests per week, it is thus the third country which tests the more in Europe. This performance unfortunately has its downside: laboratories and other screening sites are saturated and screening candidates must submit to waiting times that are sometimes very long, both to perform the test and to receive the results.

A strategy for prioritizing screening tests

“Waiting, it does not matter if there is no emergency but it is problematic when you are a priority”, judged the Prime Minister last Friday, before exposing his solution to the problem. “For these people, we are going to strengthen the dedicated screening circuits, so the laboratories will reserve certain time slots for them,” announced the Prime Minister.

Jean Castex also specified who were these people who will be able to access the tests as a priority: those who present symptoms of Covid-19, contact cases and nursing staff. “If you have been in close contact with a positive person or if you are a nursing or similar staff, working in a hospital in an nursing home or at home, you have priority”, detailed the Prime Minister.

An appointment in 24 hours on call from a doctor
Since August 17, a telephone platform has also been set up by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Île-de-France. It allows any doctor to obtain an appointment within 24 hours for symptomatic and priority patients.

Also in Île-de-France, the ARS plans to set up, from the second half of September, 20 Covid screening centers spread over the 8 departments of Ile-de-France, whose activity will be exclusively dedicated to RT virological tests. -PCR. These centers, open 6 days a week from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. until the end of the winter period, should perform at least 500 tests per day. Screening will be done without an appointment, but with time slots entirely dedicated to the priority public (people with symptoms suggestive of Covid-19, and people identified as risky contact cases), all with a commitment to report the results. within 24 hours. The location of the screening centers is being finalized, in conjunction with the elected officials of the municipalities concerned, indicates the site of the ARS Île-de-France.

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