some accept bitcoin and Axie Infinity tokens

Key facts:
  • Few casinos are operating in Venezuela, but they are being reactivated.

  • A casino in the central region of the country accepts the Axie Infinity SLP token.

Casinos in Venezuela begin accepting bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, including Axie Infinity tokens (SLP and AXS) with their reopening after 10 years of state prohibition.

The government of Venezuela would have authorized 30 casinos and betting houses around the country to operate again, on August 28, 2021, according to was unofficially known.

The Ciudad Jardín Casino, at the Hotel Pipo Internacional in the city of Maracay, in the center of the country, was inaugurated on August 31, through a party, as reflected in local media.

3 days ago, said casino posted on his Instagram page an ad indicating that they already accepted cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), the stablecoin tether (USDT), and even the Axie Infinity game tokens (SLP and AXS).

Casino Ciudad Jardín Maracay accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, in addition to the fiat currencies VEF, USD and EUR.
Source: Instagram.

Casinos in Venezuela open more than 1 year of first announcements

The announcement of the reopening of casinos in Venezuela occurred in January 2020, where even the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, invited to participate using the petro (PTR), the cryptocurrency of the Venezuelan State. Nevertheless, no announcements have been made regarding the permissiveness of the use of cryptocurrencies in the casinos of the country, generally.

Among the 30 casinos allegedly authorized to be reactivated would be those of the Tamanaco, Dubai, Waldorf and Conami hotels in Caracas. The Hotel Humboldt casino, activated in January 2020, was transferred to the Eurobuilding Hotel, in Caracas, and is now operational again.

This casino accepted the petro (PTR) to place bets back then, reported CriptoNoticias, and did not receive other cryptocurrencies. So far they have not expanded their payment options in that sense, this means was able to confirm with third parties.

In the state of Miranda, the casinos that were previously located in the Macaracuay, La Urbina and the Buenaventura shopping center in the city of Guarenas, they were also authorized to reopen. In addition, casinos located in other states of the country such as Bolívar, Anzoátegui and Portuguesa were also authorized.

For its part, the InterContinental chain (IHG) with branches in Maracaibo (Zulia) and Valencia (Carabobo), stopped operating under this reputed company on August 27, after 60 years of presence in the country, according to an ad from the same organization.

In this sense, it is presumable that new companies or contractors will now manage these facilities, allocating space to operate the casinos that until that date were operated by the aforementioned international hotel consortium.

CriptoNoticias requested comments from the Official National Commission of Casinos, as well as some other casinos and hotels in Venezuela, but as of press time it has not received any responses.

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