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Some of them did not travel… the high incidence of Omicron’s injuries in this country

what provokes”OmicronA state of panic in the whole world, the Danish health authorities announced that the number of confirmed infections with the new mutant of the Corona virus rose on Sunday to 183, considering this matter “a cause for concern.”

And at the last Friday census, the number of confirmed infections in Denmark was limited to 18, in addition to 42 unconfirmed cases, according to the data of the “SSI” General Institute, which means that the number increased at least 3 times within 48 hours.

It is noteworthy that before this announcement, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention had counted 182 cases of Omicron in various parts of the European Union, in addition to Norway and Iceland.

They have not traveled or been in contact with travelers

Denmark, with a population of 5.8 million, is distinguished from the rest of European countries by being the most developed and fastest in terms of detecting infections, without this meaning that the epidemic is spreading on its territory more quickly.

For his part, director of the “SSI” Institute, Henrik Ullum, said in a statement: “We note an alarming increase in the number of infections withOmicron In Denmark,” he added, “there are chains of infection in which the mutant was detected in people who had not traveled or had contact with travelers.”

“Intensive” work

Olom stressed that the institute is doing “intensive” work to speed up the pace of the results of the tests, so that health institutions can trace the impact of chains of infection “as soon as possible.” “We must use the time we win to vaccinate as many people as possible,” he stressed. “An important immunity gives our society more resilience if the Ommicron outbreak continues.”

Of the 183 confirmed infections, 32 were detected by the most advanced “WGS” technology, while 151 were detected through a “BCR” examination.

In recent days, a large number of countries have also reported cases of the Omicron mutant, which raises concern in view of its unclear transformations, although the World Health Organization has announced that it has not yet reported deaths from it.

For her part, Brigitte Drews, a Danish health official, told Ritzau that “just about a week ago, one case was detected for the first time in Denmark, and since (the outbreak) has been rapid.”

38 caused by lunch

Druze also indicated that 38 confirmed cases were caused by a lunch set up by a company for its employees with the approach of Christmas in the west of the country, which was attended by 150 people. Another focus was spotted in the context of a similar event in Vyborg, also in the west.

In addition, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 17 countries in the European Union had detected at least one infection with Omicron on their soil. The countries that monitored the largest number of cases are Portugal (34), Norway (19), the Netherlands (18) and Germany (15).

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