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‘Some people say I’m overweight, they don’t know the secret’: says Grace

by archyde

Grace Antony is a star who has won the hearts of the Malayalee audience within a short period of time. Grace Mammootty, who shone as Fahadin’s wife in Kumbalangi and Kanakam Kamini with Nivin Pauly in Kalahat, is becoming a strong character through the film Roshaak. Once again Grace Antony’s words spoke to Vanitha about her film dreams and attitude.

Below is the relevant part of the interview published by Vanitha 2021…

Four people can walk. The song shooting for the movie ‘Kanakam Kamini Kalaham’ is going on. Place Munnar.

“Tea plantation above and below the road. The scene is where Nivin Chetan (Nivin Pauly) and I are walking hand in hand. Action said and da comes, a cow.

Nivin Chetan and I stayed close to the tea plantations. When we got to where we were standing, the cow started barking for no reason. I got scared and tried to hold Nivin Chetan’s hand tightly. The hand is gone and there is no sign of the person. The cow started coming towards me. I lost my balance and fell down through the tea. Suddenly the crew came running and saved me.

Nivin Chetan ‘appeared’ with his trademark grin when he was sure the fuss was over. ‘Do you want to drown your heroine like this when she comes to stab a cow?’ I asked.

Nivin Chetan said with a slightly sly smile. Heroism is enough for a hero. I am also a producer. My life is big for me…’

‘Kanakam Kamini Kalaham’ was the first movie experience where all the characters stayed together in a hotel for 30 days. The set was full of fun like in the movie.

Suhara, Simi, Haripriya… Who has the character of Grace in this?

Whatever type of character Grace is, she is different. None of the characters I have played have any grace at all. I have such a small compulsion. Speech and body language should all be of the character. They suffer for it. My characters are the result of that willing effort.

It was decided to speak the dialogue at a very fast pace for Haripriya in Kanaka. It should be said without cutting to feel natural. It was difficult. But I like it.

What is Grace’s true nature?

Very emotional. Likes and dislikes, happiness and sadness are not manifest in nature. All the characters I played were emotional.

As for me, it takes time to get close to someone. But even those who say hi are noticed. Their speech and movements will be remembered. When explaining about some characters, I remember some people I have seen and use their style.

Grace, who wanted to be a Kalathilaka to reach the cinema, came to the cinema without that title?

He used to participate in dance, drama, sports and painting in school. Even though he did not win, he won the prize in the dance category and came second. Best Actress in State Drama Competition. I knew from the beginning that I love cinema.

There are no pretenders at home or in the family. Papa Anthony will break dance. Mommy Shiny can dance and sing. Sister Selena is a home baker. Cake is the specialty. Being interested in art, my father and mother supported my interests. I was achieving my dream myself. If you work hard towards your goal, you will succeed. That is my experience.

Once the shoot starts, dad and mom keep asking for details. Well done, what is the release date? This is what they need to know. But when you go to the theater and watch the movie together, you don’t say a word. ‘Are you so excited and looking for specials to keep quiet like this?’ I will ask.

Even if they don’t say anything directly to me, dad and mom will tell their acquaintances to watch the movie and give their opinion. For us, cinema is something where my love becomes their happiness.

What changes has the movie made in life?

A lot of things have been achieved. At an early age, he is able to set up his career and protect his family. I transplanted them from Mulanthurthi to Kakanada because I couldn’t do it without them. Chechi Selina is married and lives in Pachala.

Chechi has a son. Higway. Four years old. I am called ‘E Ntai’. He means Kunjanti. He is only afraid of me.

You can’t take whatever you want when I’m there. Those taken must be placed where they were taken. So they will call home and ask if ‘Intai Poo’ is there. If you say gone, there is a coming from the green. All goods shall be in his custody. And he is the Crow King.

Why choose Bharatanatyam?

I wanted to learn western dance. There were no facilities for that in the country. It was difficult to leave home and study.

Thus, Kaladi graduated from Sreesankara University in Bharatanatyam. Worked as a Bharatanatyam teacher in a school for a year. And participated in the auditions.

Not the look you saw in the movie when you see it in person?

Kumbalangi had a dull look. That was the character’s face. I was told not to go to beauty parlour, not to thread.

A de-glamorized look was required in every other film except ‘Kanakam’. I don’t think ‘Oh… I was made like this’. On the contrary, I am happy that I got a good character. She had short hair while acting in ‘Kanakam’. Played by Vig.

Aren’t the best roles the result of selection?

of course. Team, Director, Story, Screenplay. How is my character in the film? This will be clearly understood. When you read the script, you work on the visual that comes to your mind. There will be no good acting or work.

The biggest joy is when ordinary people directly call out the character’s name and congratulate him. Upcoming movies are ‘Appan’ and ‘Chattambi’. People will remember if the character is good, even if it just comes and goes in one or two scenes in the movie. Recognizing it

It’s just that we need an election.

Girls who come to the cinema without support have many bad experiences?

I’m lucky in that regard. My first audition was ‘Happy Wedding’. It was a good team. Misfortunes are a possibility in any field.

Out of ten people who want a movie, only four people get the chance. Come to think of it, only two people had the right talent. Even if you have the ability, don’t go without thinking because of desire. Don’t fall for promises. Take chances only after careful research.

Grace proved her ability by surviving body shaming and teasing?

Say a child wants to be an athlete. ‘You P.T. ‘Are you going to be Usha’, people would ask. PT. No one will remember that Usha the athlete was the child Kahn wanted.

People make fun of and discourage others because of ignorance or because of the discomfort of not getting what they want. Don’t listen to it.

Some people said that I am overweight. They don’t know that I gained weight for the role of Kumbalangi. There are many reasons why we gain or lose weight. If you like food, eat it. Don’t listen to what other people say. Take time to think about people’s negative comments and worry.

Did a short film called ‘Knowledge’. Do you still care?

The short film ‘Knowledge’ was about imparting knowledge to children about menstruation. I don’t plan to do short films yet. The current focus is on acting. Another U must be a great villain. I am waiting for different roles. Is Chattambi Grace from the movie ‘Chattambi’?

Oh no. Srinath Bhasi is the Chattambi in it. Find out whether I am Chattambi with Chattambi or not.

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