someone has been hit!

Like wildfire, the words supposedly made by a hairdresser from Verviers spread on the web. Words reported: ” The blacks are combed between them Are quite shocking and have challenged the African community in the Verviers region. To the point that about fifteen individuals landed this Wednesday at the New Men lounge located in the Grand Bazaar. “Malabars suddenly arrived at the beginning of the afternoon,” explains a hairdresser.

►► The apologies from the hairdresser from Verviers.

The men, most of whom were between 25 and 30, according to witnesses, shown quite violent. They wanted an apology from the man accused of being racist. Except that, he wasn’t there. Only two hairdressers were there with the companion of one of them…

► Everything was then packed: a person was hit

One of the hairdressers testifies
: “But who do they think they are? “


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