“Something weird is going on” (video)

The mysterious white powder was spotted in gardens and cars across Maryland and West Virginia, United States, on February 23. The firefighters then recommended that residents close their doors and windows and avoid going out until the substance was identified.

The Maryland Department of Environment believes the white powder most likely originated in New Mexico and Texas. “It’s probably dust from the desert southwest,” said DC News Now meteorologist Damon Matson. A storm would have carried the dust to Maryland.

However, the white powder has led to some strange conspiracy theories, including a social media user who claimed to have seen a plane drop it into the air. “My friend in Maryland saw a small plane dropping white dust this morning. Something weird is going on,” she said.

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According to West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Terry Fletcher, the gunpowder is highly unlikely to be linked to the Feb. 3 Ohio train derailment.

Although environmental officials say air quality levels remain normal, residents have raised health concerns after experiencing headaches, sore throats and skin rashes.

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