Somfy: delay in HomeKit compatibility of the Tahoma gateway

Announced in early 2018, the HomeKit support by the TaHoma home automation box is still pending. Faced with the impatience of its customers, Somfy spoke on the subject last week.

TaHoma Box. Somfy image.

The manufacturer explains that HomeKit compatibility is subject to ” specific requirements “, requirements that have evolved along the way and asked the manufacturer to develop its developments. The certification process underway concerns the second generation TaHoma box.

“Many of the required developments have already been carried out by the Somfy teams and validated by the Apple teams in recent months. It took a lot of work and a lot of exchanges but it is not finished. We are entering a new certification phase in 2020 ”, explains the manufacturer. TaHoma is a gateway for centralizing and controlling numerous connected equipment in the home. It is sold for € 299 (promo at the moment on Amazon at € 264).

The equipment potentially controllable by Apple applications (Home or Siri application) will be those under io-homecontrol protocol only, because HomeKit allows you to control via a home automation box only two-way radio equipment, warns the manufacturer. Io-homecontrol products are, for example, sockets and roller shutters.

“Equipment in unidirectional RTS protocol is excluded as well as operators for gate, garage door, window and lock”, says Somfy.

Finally, the home automation specialist does not prefer to commit to a possible compatibility date: “The Apple certification process is long and demanding. Somfy teams remain mobilized on this compatibility but it is not possible for us to give either a date or a compatibility perimeter. “


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