Son Dam-bi 母 “son-in-law rather than Jang Dong-gun♥”… Meeting Lee Kyu-hyuk and talking about ‘pregnancy’ before riding (comprehensive)

Captured from SBS ‘Same Bed, Dream 2’ © News 1

Son Dam-bi’s mother revealed an unusual ‘love for son-in-law’.

On the afternoon of the 30th, SBS entertainment program ‘Dongsang Imong 2 – You are my destiny’, the daily life of singer Son Dam-bi and former speed skater Lee Gyu-hyuk was revealed, and the mother-in-law talked about ‘pregnancy’ before riding, bringing a lot of laughter.

On this day, Lee Kyu-hyuk visited his wife. Son Dam-bi’s mother, as soon as she saw her son-in-law, said, “I’m going to take care of your body today. You have to be strong to have children quickly.” Afterwards, when he toured the market, he emphasized, “He even built a medicine,” and said, “You have to be strong so you can mourn quickly.”

Son Dam-bi’s mother boasted around her, saying, “Isn’t my son-in-law handsome?” When Son Dam-bi asked, “Does your mother-in-law look more handsome?”, “So~ I used to like Jang Dong-gun, but now I am Jang Dong-gun. Haven’t you seen Jang Dong-gun 20 years ago, now Kyu-hyuk is much more (handsome)” and burst into laughter. caused

Son Dam-bi revealed a plan for the second generation. She confessed, “Originally, when we got married, I didn’t want to have children, but that has changed now. It’s better to have it right away, and it’s a God-given thing, so I’ll try harder,” she confessed. When it comes to the child’s gender, she said, “He wants a son so much,” she said. So, Dam-bi Son received the white spirit in ‘Mother of Five Brothers’, and Lee Ji-hye gave her a smile.

Capture of SBS ‘Same Bed, Dream 2’ © News 1

Son Dam-bi’s mother had a friendly conversation with her son-in-law while her daughter was away. She said, “My son-in-law is said to be a 100-year-old guest, but Kyu-hyuk doesn’t look like a hundred-year-old guest, but a son and son-in-law. She has one daughter, so it seems like she got a son. She also said, “I still don’t know if this is real because I’m getting married like this.” She said, “Isn’t this what happiness is?”

He also posed a surprise question about the second generation plan. He suddenly asked, “Do you like your son? Do you like your daughter?”, making Lee Kyu-hyuk embarrassed. Lee Gyu-hyuk laughed and said, “I still like my son, but people around me say that I like my daughter.” The mother-in-law said, “When I am young, I would like to have a son and a daughter, but God gives us that, so we don’t know.

An episode of the meeting was also revealed. The couple surprised everyone by saying, “I caught Corona on the day of the meeting.” Lee Kyu-hyuk recalled, “The appointment time is approaching, so I did a self-examination to check in just in case, and it came out positive.”

Son Dam-bi asked how the meeting was. Her mother said, “I’m a very strange woman~” and she said, “I’m not shy,” making her laugh. To the question that followed, “What were we talking about when we weren’t there?” she said, “I’ve been living…”, adding to her laughter.

It is reported that Son Dam-bi’s mother has a boyfriend who is six years younger than her. When he said, “I’ve been dating for 6 years,” he said coolly, “I don’t have money, but I’m talented.

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