“Son Heung-min tested negative for COVID-19… Played against Newcastle”

“Son Heung-min tested negative for COVID-19… Played against Newcastle”

Enter 2021.10.17 (07:22)

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Son Heung-min (29, Tottenham Hotspur) is reported to have tested negative for the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

A local source familiar with the situation told Yonhap News on the 16th (local time), “Tonight, I was contacted by the agent saying, ‘Son has tested negative and will play against Newcastle tomorrow (17th).”

The day before, British media reported that two players were confirmed with Corona 19 at Tottenham Hotspur, where Son Heung-min belongs. Although the club’s official announcement was not made, Son Heung-min’s name was mentioned, drawing extraordinary attention from domestic and foreign soccer fans.

The Times added that “Heung-Min Son is unlikely to play against Newcastle,” and Daily Hotspur, a Twitter account that delivers news of Tottenham, also reported that “Heung-Min Son and Brian Hill have been confirmed.”

Son Heung-min arrived in Korea on the 5th to participate in the Asian final qualifier for the World Cup, joined the national team, played against Syria on the 7th, and played an away game to Iran on the 12th and returned to England.

Because of this, the Korean Football Association also became keenly aware of whether Son Heung-min was infected with Corona 19.

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