Son of vaccinologist Pierre Van Damme organizes …

During the last weekend of June, Route du Soleil and TAGMAG organize ‘The Great Liberation Weekend’. A celebration to usher in the end of the limitations of corona. Remarkable: the driving force behind this party is Tom Van Damme (25), son of vaccinologist Pierre Van Damme. “Young people should be able to pick up the thread of the old life when the vulnerable people have been vaccinated,” he says.

On 25 and 26 June, students can celebrate the traditional end of the exams during ‘The Great Liberation Weekend’. A stage will be built on a deserted site in their own country, where homegrown musicians can give the best of themselves. A camping site is even being set up nearby. Tickets can already be reserved now, but do not have to be paid until May 31.

They are media platform for young people TAGMAG and organizer of youth trips Route du Soleil who have joined forces for this event. “No one can deny that it has been a very difficult period for the youth and that there is a lot of longing for hope and perspective for better times”, it sounds. The hope is to close the era of bubbles and corona rules with a few tens of thousands of Flemish students.

“Nice bright spot”

The driving force behind this initiative is Tom Van Damme, the 25-year-old son of vaccinologist Pierre Van Damme. “I have seen the impact the measures have had on the mental health of many young people,” he says. “I am convinced that now more than ever there is a need for perspective. A nice ray of hope will convince so many more young people to fully respect the measures in the coming crucial weeks. Young people do not have to be given priority in the vaccination sequence, but they must be able to pick up the thread of their old life when the vulnerable have been vaccinated. ”

Pierre Van Damme is a vaccinologist at the University of Antwerp.

Foto: if UAntwerpen

Because, according to the organization, during the summer of 2021, according to the vaccination schedule, all at-risk groups, 65+ people and first-line healthcare workers will have been vaccinated for several weeks. The weekend should be the start of a festive summer. They therefore call for no further restrictions from the summer and for the festivals to continue as planned. At the same time they call for the rules to be respected as much as possible in the present time.


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