Son: which actress from the film died before its theatrical release?

M6 will continue its prime time Saturday cinema programming launched on July 11, 2020. Afterwards Brice 3 last week, the channel will again bet on a comedy by showing the film Son, worn by comedians Kev Adams and Franck Dubosc, Saturday 8 August 2020 from 9:05 pm. After having already appeared in the film adaptation of the comic Teachers, Son marks the first major film role of Kev Adams, who was already the headliner of the series SODA sure W9 the time. In this feature film, the young comedian gave the reply to the actress Valérie Benguigui, who embodied the role of his mother on the screen.

A role that will unfortunately be the last for the actress since she died of breast cancer on September 2, 2013. She therefore never had the opportunity to attend the release of Son at the cinema on March 12, 2014. The producers therefore decided to dedicate the feature film to him. For memory, Valerie Benguigui had been awarded the César for best actress in a supporting role a few months before her death. The actress had obtained the precious statuette for her performance in the film First name, where she gave the reply Patrick bruel who played his brother the screen.

Son: the last images of Valérie Benguigui playing comedy

For the record, Valerie Benguigui shared an endless laugh with Franck Dubosc on the set of Son. The comedian still remembers the scene in question. “So there was this scene, shot at two in the morning, and something in our eyes, a spark that ignited the powder for over an hour with the whole team waiting and we bent over laughing. , completely crossed out elsewhere “ he had revealed during the promotion of the feature film. In homage to the deceased actress, this sequence appears in the end credits of Son.

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