Son Ye Jin was born!The birth of a Sagittarius baby is reported earlier than the expected date of delivery in December

Son Yejin gave birth to a Sagittarius baby today (27th), and Hyun Bin is happy to have a sweet family. (Internet picture)

The first little life conceived by the Korean male god Hyun Bin and the goddess Son Yejin was born! Today (27th) it was reported that Sun Yezhen had successfully given birth, and reported earlier than the original expected delivery date in December. MSteam Entertainment, the agency to which Sun Yezhen belongs, has also confirmed the good news of the safe birth.

It was previously reported that Sun Yezhen had been admitted to a high-end confinement center to take care of her body and wait for her dear baby to arrive. Now Korean media reported that an insider broke the news that Sun Yezhen gave birth, and both mother and child are safe. Since Sun Yezhen’s expected delivery date was originally December, it was brought forward to November. It will be produced at the end of the month, and the brokerage company also confirmed that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are happy to receive Sagittarius babies.

Sun Yizhen still cooks by hand during her pregnancy, she is a happy pregnant mother.  (Flipping Sun Yizhen IG)

Sun Yizhen still cooks by hand during her pregnancy, she is a happy pregnant mother. (Flipping Sun Yizhen IG)

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin collaborated in the movie and TV series “Crash Landing on Love” and confirmed their mutual affection and started a relationship. At the end of March this year, they held a dream wedding in Seoul, and went to the United States for a sweet honeymoon, enjoying the time of two people; in June this year, Son Ye-jin confirmed on IG that “New Life comes to us”, expressing that after pregnancy, I feel anxious and excited every day, feeling every change in the body, but still want to share the good news with fans. Now the production is going smoothly, and the fans are also very happy.

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