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Song Hae-na is accumulating points for ‘I’m Solo’ 10th Young-sik ‘Your Lighting’

by archyde
Photo=SBS PLUS ‘I’m Solo’ broadcast capture

[내외경제TV] Reporter Jin Byung-hoon = ENA · SBS PLUS Channel ‘I’m Solo’ Young-sik’s speech is becoming a hot topic every day.

Spiritualism was far from single-minded. From her first broadcast, she seemed to go to the final couple while having close contact with Ok-soon without hesitation.

In particular, Young-sik often uses the word ‘you’ during conversations, and the female cast members seemed to fall for his words without any complaints. As if it was ‘Your Lighting’ compared to ‘Gas Lighting’, the female cast members opened their hearts to Young-sik little by little.

Perhaps because the third party is objective, MC Song Hae-na is expressing dissatisfaction with Yeong-sik’s tone, unlike the female cast members’ reactions. When talking to Hyun-sook on the 14th of last month or on a random date with Young on the 28th, he showed annoyance, such as “I don’t know what” or “I don’t know what to say”.

Instead, if you look at the situation so far, it seems that Young-sik will ultimately choose Ok-soon. In an interview, both of them confirmed that they had exchanged feelings for each other.

▲ This article was written by a reporter who invested time while watching the broadcast, so please keep the courtesy of other media.

Meanwhile, Young-sik is 37 years old and works as a sales team for a foreign company in Seoul. He has a 7-year-old daughter, and his Instagram is unknown.

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