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Song of the Rainbow – Post Today, political columnist

by archyde

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On June 26, 2022 at 11:26 a.m.

By…Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanaphon Setaprahman


“I want him to know how much it hurts, how much it hurts, can you answer me, how wrong I am?” Some lyrics from the song “Last Song” movie soundtrack “Last Song” Sung by Khun Suda Chuenban, composed by Jitnat Watcharasathien, it is a classic Thai song that clearly reflects the feelings of transgender people who know that their identity is fake. but the feeling Love is as real as the love of the other sexes too.

Song and music was taken as a historical record like literature. There is an aspect of reading There are many different types of listening and interpretations that can be associated with Sex or Gender. Songs and music are thus represented to convey emotions, feelings and representations of LGBTQ people, such as music. “I will survive” Gloria Gaynor’s catchphrase that made all transgender people sing together. “I will survive” That tells the feelings of the different sexes very well. or even the songs of modern artists like Lady Gaga with songs “Born This Way” that encourages and understands that transgender people are living like this did not reveal anyone’s fault Why be like anyone? Because we can have a spotlight that shines like everyone else (1)

For the Thai music industry in the past ten years, many new artists convey gender diversity. Transcending gender, only female and male through songs and music videos showing LGBT love, such as songs “dear friend” of The Parkinson, music “note” of The Toys and music “In a dream” of Soul After Six (2), including the latest songs. “I’ll Do It How You Like It” of Phi Phi-Krit Amnuaydechakorn, an actor and singer who was informed of the famous series “Translating to love me with your heart” that transcends the norms of “Gender” as always

Especially the music video that brings up the story of the series Y (Boy’s Love), including the fashion that is not in “frame” of discrimination between men and women or a trend “Beauty of Fluidity” that he or she can choose to pick up each other’s clothes to wear reflecting the fact that the Thai music industry has crossed over gender norms more clearly (3)

We could say that music and music were chosen as part of telling the world the existence of LGBTQ people. Whether in terms of lyrics, music, dance, dress, as well as the identity of the author and artist. June Or LGBT Pride Month that President Barack Obama has proclaimed since 2009 LGBTQIAN+ in many countries around the world. Various activities are organized to demonstrate equality. and advocating for the rights of LGBT+ people

including Thailand where the government and private sectors organize various activities To promote equality and acceptance of everyone’s true self. One of them was a concert. “PRIDE MONTH Repertoire” of the Mahidol Wind Orchestra (MWO) by the College of Music Mahidol University under the campaign centralworld “Free to be” (Free to be yourself in your own way) organized by Central Pattana together with partners from both the public and private sectors. This is the first time for MWO to bring songs that many of you are familiar with. And has been known for a long time, composing and telling stories about LGBTQIA+ to be played in the form of a wind instrument orchestra and sung by students of the College of Music. Mahidol University by still keeping the mood or the identity of that song as much as possible

The songs selected to perform this time There are specific songs that directly express the feelings of this group. Including general songs, but we bring to represent the feelings of people outside the mainstream. both in terms of the lyrics and the meaning of the characters There are both songs from classical musicals. and modern music that has been interpreted in terms of feelings such as having to hide the truth anonymity The pain of hiding or questioning yourself how wrong this difference is.

Examples of songs that have been selected to be used in this performance are: “This is me” From the musical The Greatest Showman, the lyrics talk about the darkness that many people fear. but i’m not afraid “I’m not a stranger to the dark.” ‘Cause all my life I’ve been driven to hide for the rest of my life “Hideaway” Because society says no one wants someone who is not perfect. No one loves them the way they are. But in the song it tries to say I am like this (4), the song I am What I am from the 1983 musical La Cage aux Folles, or on behalf of “Kinnaree Rainbow” Musical stage play performed by Exact & Scenario in the Thai version in 2010, with part of the lyrics saying “I bang my own drum. Some think it’s noise I think it’s pretty” I hit my drums Some people think it’s noisy. But I think it’s good. convey that I am like this Although some would say it’s annoying. But for me, it’s good. The song reflects the pride of being yourself. including new era songs like songs “Reflection” from the animated series Mulan and the song “Part of Your World” from Little Mermaid.

This concert is part of the social movement to recognize the emotions and thoughts of people who are driven by the mainstream values ​​of society through music. It is also an opportunity for students of the College of Music to learn about gender diversity. and create an experience from an off-site show Both Mahidol Wind Orchestra students and students from the Department of Classical Singing and Musical


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Compiled by Corporate Communications, General Administration Division Office of the President Mahidol University



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