Songkhla Covid-19 is still a serious crisis, 3 deaths, 682 infected

On 24 Oct. 19, the Public Health Office Songkhla revealed Number of COVID-19 cases in the area Songkhla Province on October 24, 682 people died, 3 people, including the cumulative infection since April 1, 64, including 43,534 people infected in prisons and abroad, 179 accumulated deaths. Hospital 5,500 people

The report revealed that The reason for the high number of infections It was derived from the proactive family screening test and the self-testing ATK test among people who were in contact with the infection in several districts. The numbers still found in the top 7-8 districts are Hat Yai, Chana, Saba Yoi, Thepha, Muang, Na Thawi, Rattaphum and Singhanakhon districts.

“Infectious groups tend to increase from the Acute Respiratory Infection Screening Clinic (ARI) and also from the same groups such as high-risk exposure groups in factories, communities, markets, shops, companies and agencies.

Mr. Suraphon Kamplanonwat President of the Association of Tourism Business Association Communicable Disease Committee Songkhla province said Most infected groups are from those who have not been vaccinated. half month after month Oct. Songkhla has been allocated more vaccines to 4 southern border provinces. The situation will be resolved in early November 64, reducing the number of infections. reduce mortality Because the vaccine has been distributed to the covid vaccination unit, the health promotion hospital in the sub-district as well. Vaccination rates are increasing by around 50,000 people per day. Border checkpoints on Sadao and Padang Besar will be reopened by the end of the year.

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