Songkhla infected with 98 more covids, governor orders tight control on Malay border

Songkhla COVID-19 rises to 98, including 58 prison inmates, governor orders tightening control over Malay border afraid to smuggle in

On May 30, 2021, news reports from Songkhla Province. Informing the situation of Covid-19 patients daily that there are 98 new infected people, divided into 58 inmates in Songkhla Prison, 18 more in Hat Yai, 12 in Mueang Songkhla District. , Sadao District 6 persons, Chana District 2 persons, Bang Klam District 1 persons and from other provinces (Satun) 1 persons.

9 more recovered patients returned home today, a total of 999 recovered and returned home, remaining 545 hospitalized patients, 8 cumulative deaths, 1,552 cumulative patients, 1,539 cumulative domestic patients and The total number of patients traveling from abroad was 13 people.

For 58 additional inmates in Songkhla Prison who have contracted COVID-19, the medical team has expedited proactive filtration. Isolate infected people from other inmates.

The main hospital in Songkhla has a total of 367 beds for COVID-19 patients, but currently occupies 260 beds and can still accommodate 107 more patients.

As for the field hospitals in Songkhla, there are a total of 9 locations, which are open to receive Covid-19 patients. Has received treatment in 6 hospitals, namely 1) International Convention Center Field Hospital, 200 beds and 56 beds have already been occupied, which PSU can expand to accommodate patients up to 500 beds in the event that there are more sick

2) Songkhla Rajanagarindra Psychiatric Hospital There are 120 beds for patients and 50 beds for occupants.

3) Sanam Suan Historical Hospital, General Prem Tinsulanonda has 80 beds for COVID-19 patients and 46 beds for occupants.

4) Hat Yai-Na Mom Hospital It is said to be a field hospital with 76 beds for COVID-19 patients and 66 beds already occupied.

5) Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Camp Sanam Hospital, Na Thawi District, with 100 beds for COVID-19 patients and 17 beds have been occupied.

6) Sanam Thanyarak Hospital There are 20 beds for COVID-19 patients and 5 beds have been occupied.

Mr. Jaruwat Kliengklao, Governor of Songkhla Province, said that due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19 In Malaysia, where the number of infected people has increased a lot. until causing the country’s lockdown again From 1-14 June 2021, resulting in the number of Thai and foreign workers The illegal use of natural channels along the border into the area continuously. especially in the area of ​​Sadao District Which has a border length of about 85 kilometers and is often smuggled by means of both crossing the fence. Cut the fence and dig through the soil. Despite the presence of officers from the Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Army 5021 and Royal Thai Police 4304 are patrolling, surveillance, full protection 24 hours a day.

In this regard, all officers in every unit have been charged to check. and repairing the barbed wire fence that was cut off completely and more concise including increasing the intensity of intercepting inspections in the area and clearly divide the area of ​​responsibility If at any point where the defect is smuggled in, the party in charge is responsible for it. and to blame government officials who were involved in bringing those smugglers across the border including to set up checkpoints The intersection of both the main road and the secondary road Cases that may escape from the border

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